We are pleased to present Life Drawing San Diego Strippers hosted by @HARDLOVN in celebration of 2 art forms: Life Drawing and Sex Work, together in one room. HARDLOVN aims to breakdown sex work industry stigmas and normalize their incredible artistry by introducing everyday artists and the community to their talents and performance on the pole.
So excited to have @sokiestone as our first model! An absolute pleasure to watch perform. She is VERY impressive.

Tickets are $50 for two hours, including breaks and outfit change. We will have a pole in the center of the room for dynamic perspectives of all the pole trick poses. Art supplies available for purchase but feel free to bring your own! We’re so excited to see this ongoing event come to life after planning with our friends at HARDLOVN since they lived in London and was apart of the original Life Drawing Strippers event by the founders, the East London Stripper Collective. @lifedrawingwithelsc

Tickets are available here! Or purchase at the door if space allows. There is Limited Space so sign up now!