Pop Up // Ntch Mag Issue 3 // Apr. 12, 2019

Pop Up // Ntch Mag Issue 3 // Apr. 12, 2019

Ntch Magazine | Issue 3 | Little Dame Shop

6–10pm @ Little Dame 

 Ntch Magazine is created by Vivian and Victora who have been serving interesting and educational reads that provide a space for young journalists and artists to express and share their work. Covering lifestyle, health, spirituality, sustainability, fashion, and more NTCH Mag has kept us interested and we can't wait to see what Issue 3 holds. 

Come experience a release party that really focuses on the art direction and beautiful visuals that you can find throughout the printed publication NTCH MAG. notch-mag.com

April 12th, 6-10pm at Little Dame 2942 Adams Avenue San Diego ♥
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