Taxidermy Workshop // Feb. 10, 2019

English Sparrow Taxidermy Workshop

Sunday February 10, 2019 | 12pm
English Sparrow Taxidermy Workshop / Divya


In this workshop, beginners will be introduced to professional techniques used in classic bird taxidermy. The birds used in this class are English sparrows, considered an invasive species, but beautiful nonetheless. 

This intensive class will be extremely hands on, covering everything from proper skinning, fleshing, degreasing/washing, and grooming and fluffing downs, to the dynamics of sculpting bird bodies, dealing with bird necks, cleaning and wiring bones, and preserving or re-attaching feet.


We will pay special attention to fitting forms, hidden stitches, and how to groom feathers. 


Students can create a naturalistic or fantasy mount. Students will go home with their creations, and instructions for maintaining their pieces

(keeping feathers clean, ideal drying set-ups, etc).

It is recommended students

bring a small box or bag to transport their finished pieces.


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