Taxidermy Workshop with Emily Binard // May 26, 2019

Taxidermy Squirrel Workshop with Emily Binard | Little Dame Shop

12–6pm @ Little Dame | Tickets 


This workshop will teach students everything they need to start creating small mammal taxidermy mounts on their own. A skinning demo will be given, though the hides we will be using will be already tanned for mounting. We will be making wrapped bodies using the actual bodies and tracing from them for reference. Students will learn how to find and use reference photos to help achieve a more lifelike mount. All materials will be provided, including a mix of red, grey, and black squirrel hides. We will also be using pre-made cast heads created by the instructor. We will discuss wildlife laws and sourcing animals for taxidermy as well. Class space will be limited, the ticket cost is $295 per person. Come join us this Memorial Day weekend, and create a one of a kind memory!