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Little Dame Gift Picks

We have decided to share with you our FAVORITE picks from the shop! This way when you enter our space, you get a little guidance to what is fun and exciting for a gift to give! We have a huge selection of perfectly unique gifts. Grab something made locally, or from one of our friends! We have a list to share with you of our Gift Picks for the Holidays: Simone's Picks: Java Fly by Prey and Profit The details and delicate frame that highlights the Java Fly is truly a gem! Love how the background juxtaposes with the bug, as if the bug was still alive!  Tarot Deck by AdamJK Tarot has been so important in my growth through...

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How to get your artwork and creations into more physical spaces! The Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to approaching businesses

    As artists and entrepreneurs some of us have goals of sharing our work and getting it out there in the world. Different personality types can handle this task with different approaches, pick the one that best suits you whether it is in person or via email. There are healthy ways to approach a business such as an artistic space, small business or a gallery that can help a successful transaction take place without a sour after taste.   1. Treat the business owner, manager, or sales associate that you are approaching like a human. Do not rush to the point but get there tactfully! A big DON’T when going into a physical space, is b-lining straight to the register with...

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