How to get your artwork and creations into more physical spaces! The Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to approaching businesses

 As artists and entrepreneurs some of us have goals of sharing our work and getting it out there in the world. Different personality types can handle this task with different approaches, pick the one that best suits you whether it is in person or via email. There are healthy ways to approach a business such as an artistic space, small business or a gallery that can help a successful transaction take place without a sour after taste.

1. Treat the business owner, manager, or sales associate that you are approaching like a human. Do not rush to the point but get there tactfully! A big DON’T when going into a physical space, is b-lining straight to the register with your artwork or merchandise in hand, forcing it upon the person within seconds of entering the business. This happens at Little Dame sometimes and it gives us anxiety. This eliminates any time to get to know each other, it can seem abrasive or desperate, and just not chill. You want to let the person that may be deciding whether or not to sell your work get to know you, your story, where you come from and what you are all about –brand wise. These details help a sales person sell your work as well in the future if your artwork is on the shelves.

DO- Walk in to the business that you are interested in selling your work in, and check it out like any spectator would. Upon casual conversation, mention to the person working that you create _______ and you would love to learn more about what it might take to sell your work in that space. From there you can get an email address to then follow up, or make a plan to come in with your work.

2.  Know your strengths when it comes to communication styles: Tips for Introverts.
Don’t come in and try to have these vulnerable conversations about your art work if you know that you will not enjoy the experience, email is just fine and just as effective if not MORE effective.

DO- Sending an introductory email is easy and allows the business owner get to it in their own time. Find the business’ general email on their website, go in to the space and ask for a card, or find their email from mutual friends. A good introductory email is just simply polite and informative: tell the business owner who you are, what you create and be sure to provide links or photos of your artwork. A conversation will flourish from there!

Next level, Professional, approaches

Do’s- The most professional approaches we have seen as a business have been by artists that already have a website, a line sheet with available product and wholesale/retail prices. If you are really adamant about making sales maybe you can send samples to the business for them to have. We work with all sorts of artists from DIY- full time freelance levels and appreciate every single one.

Don’t- It is not smart to approach a business with your artwork or merchandise in the developmental stage where you do not even have pictures of your work yet. First impressions are important, plan your approach and be prepared to have something to show.

Good luck in getting your work out there! And feel free to visit us or email us with your artworks, brands, merchandise <3 <3 Little Dame



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