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Bat Skeleton Dome Workshop w/ Wilder Duncan 



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Taxidermy Class with Wilder Duncan | Little Dame Shop


In this class, students will learn how to create an osteological preparation of a bat in the fashion of 19th century zoological displays.  A cleaned bat skeleton (Pipistrellus abramus), a glass dome, branches, glue, tools, and all necessary materials will be provided for each student, but one should feel welcome to bring small feathers, stones, dried flowers, dead insects, natural elements, or any other materials s/he might wish to include in his/her composition.  Students will leave the class with a visually striking, fully articulated, lifelike bat skeleton posed in a 10" tall glass dome.  The class will focus on teaching ancient methods of specimen preparation that link science with art: students will create compositions involving natural elements and, according to their taste, will compose a traditional Victorian environment or a modern display.

Wilder Duncan is an artist whose work puts a modern-day spin on the genre of Vanitas still life.  Although formally trained as a realist painter at Wesleyan University, he has had a lifelong passion for natural history.  Self-taught rogue taxidermist and professional specimen preparator, Wilder worked for several years at The Evolution Store in NYC creating, repairing, and restoring objects of natural historical interest such as taxidermy, fossils, seashells, minerals, insects, tribal sculptures, and articulated skeletons both animal and human.  The bat skeleton workshops were developed with The Morbid Anatomy Museum in 2013, and Wilder now teaches pop-up classes around the country and internationally.  Wilder works part time creating new exhibitions at the American Museum of Natural History and also performs work for private collectors, giving a new life to old mounts, and new smiles to toothless skulls.

Classes run between 3-4 hours.




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