European Starling Taxidermy Workshop Hosted by Divya || PAST EVENT ||

European Starling Taxidermy Workshop Hosted by Divya || PAST EVENT ||

European Starling Taxidermy Workshop Hosted by Divya

Sunday November 12, 2017 | 12-5pm
@ Little Dame

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European Starling Taxidermy Workshop Hosted by Divya | Little Dame Shop


In this workshop, beginners will be introduced to professional techniques used in classic bird taxidermy. The birds used in this class are European starlings, considered an invasive species, but beautiful nonetheless.

This intensive class will be extremely hands on, covering everything from proper skinning, fleshing, degreasing/ washing, and grooming and fluffing downs, to the dynamics of sculpting bird bodies, dealing with bird necks, cleaning and wiring bones, and preserving or re-attaching feet. We will pay special attention to fitting forms, hidden stitches, and how to groom feathers.

Students can create a naturalistic or fantasy mount. Students will go home with their creations, and instructions for maintaining their pieces (keeping feathers clean, ideal drying set-ups, etc).


It is recommended students bring a small box or bag to transport their finished pieces.

Divya Anantharaman is a Morbid Anatomy Museum Taxidermist in Residence and a Brooklyn based artist whose taxidermy practice was sparked by a lifelong fascination with the intersection of natural mythology and science. With a combination of self and professional training, she has found her calling working as a professional taxidermist creating both fantasy and traditional pieces, and teaching classes around the world. Winner of Best in Show trophies and Best in Category ribbons at state taxidermy shows and competitions, her work is on display in the Chamber of Wonders at the Walter’s Art Museum, and has been profiled in numerous publications as varied as National Geographic, The NY Times, The Cut, Vice, BBC Science Radio, and on hit Discovery/Science Channel TV show Oddities. She is also a board member of the New England Association of Taxidermists, member of the Garden State Taxidermists Association, and has coauthored the book “Stuffed Animals” being released by W.W. Norton this fall.


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