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European Starling Taxidermy Workshop Hosted by Divya || PAST EVENT ||

Sunday November 12, 2017 | 12-5pm: In this workshop, beginners will be introduced to professional techniques used in classic bird taxidermy. The birds used in this class are European starlings, considered an invasive species, but beautiful nonetheless. This intensive class will be extremely hands on, covering everything from proper skinning, fleshing, degreasing/washing, and grooming and fluffing downs, to the dynamicsof sculpting bird bodies, dealing with bird necks, cleaning and wiring bones, and preserving or re-attaching feet. We will pay special attention to fitting forms, hidden stitches, and how to groom feathers.

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Jackalope Taxidermy Workshop Hosted by Divya || PAST EVENT ||

Saturday November 11, 2017 | 2-5pm: This class is designed for beginners to learn professional level techniques used in small mammal taxidermy. By focusing on the facial features, students will create a rabbit or jackalope shoulder mount that can be affixed to a plaque or hung as is. Students will learn proper skinning and fleshing procedures, how to split, turn and position facial features, including the ears, proper preservation techniques, grooming, and the traditional methods of sculpting and carving a bust to create a shoulder mount form.

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