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Change Your Life in an Hour

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Change Your Life in an Hour by Laura Archer

If you are stuck in a rut but don't have the time, money, or energy to get out this guide might be helpful for you! 

Every day, you are making life-changing decisions: you just might not always be aware of it. By encouraging you to make small, personal changes to your daily routine, Laura Archer will help you stop scrolling through other people's stories so that you can start focusing on your own. 

This book will inspire you to feel more fulfilled mentally, emotionally and physically, by focusing on three driving forces of happiness: 

Head- encourage good mental health through debate, art puzzles, therapy, mediation or reading. 

Heart- make your heart sing through writing love letters, dancing, laughing or immersing yourself in nature. 

Hands- reconnect with the world around you through making music, printing, gardening, or baking. 

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