Twilight Mermaid Healing

Clearing 101 Workshop March 15th 10am

$ 65

Twilight Mermaid Healing is born of the cosmic bond between two dear friends, Justina Aura and Dawn Jimenez. Both women are hereditary mystics gifted with healing and psychic abilities. Justina is an empath, healer, and clairvoyant who creates powerful talismanic jewelry. She is also a master reader who sees deep into the mind and soul, delivering accurate and detailed guidance. Dawn is a Physician of the Soul- what a medical doctor does for the body, she does for the spirit. She is known for using ancient healing techniques, sound and aromatic therapies, reiki, education, coaching, and counseling. Dawn and Justina combine their abilities to deliver spiritual restoration, education, communication of sacred messages, and co-create blessed items using channeled ancient wisdom. More information about Twilight Mermaid can be found at 

Workshop Information: 

Wanna get the funky energy out of a space? Maybe you’ve tried sage and don’t know if it’s working? Been curious about smudging yourself? Need some energetic protection? 

We gotcha! 

Twilight Mermaid Healing is teaming up with Little Dame to bring you the Clearing 101 Workshop. You’ll learn about what you can use to help you remove negative energy; practice hands-on methods for clearing a room and yourself; how to protect your space and the role of amulets. We’ll also talk about what is fake vs. real, paranormal activity, when to get help, and answer your questions. An energetic clearing essentials package is also included in with registration- so you will be able to put what you’ve learned to work right away! Booking link: 

Date: 3/15/20 


Cost: $75 

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