Gotham Taxidermy

Curio Shadow Box Workshop in March 19th 2021 with Divya from Gotham Taxidermy

$ 100

Learn how to make a curiosity shadow box hosted by Divya Anantharaman. All supplies will be provided. On March 19th 2021 5-6pm Little Dame is at 2946 Adams Ave San Diego CA 92116. Limited seats available. 


Please feel free to e-mail us here: if you have any questions.


Here is some information on the lovely instructor:

A unique combination of science and style, Divya Anantharaman is New York City's premiere taxidermist. An award winning licensed professional preserving animals with honor and compassion, she was awarded 2019 Best of Category Professional Division for both Birds and Mammals at the New England Taxidermy Championships, took second place in the Professional division at the 2017 World Taxidermy Championships, and is the coauthor of the book "Stuffed Animals: A Modern Guide to Taxidermy." Her specialties are birds, small mammals, and anatomic anomalies, with a select number of commissions open for pets. Her work seeks to combine the demonstrative aspect of scientific presentation with the symbolic, introspective nature of art, a Victorian sensibility calibrated for our modern world.

She left the corporate fashion industry to pursue her love of natural history as the resident taxidermist at the Morbid Anatomy Museum, and has since built a following creating taxidermy, skeletal, and entomology displays, along with jewelry and wearable art, for anyone who finds wonder in the natural world. In addition to running her own business, she works part time at the esteemed studio of Wildlife Preservations, which specializes in museum taxidermy. Here, her passion for nature grows through helping preserve animals and exhibits for future generations. She is also a board member of the New England Association of Taxidermists and Garden State Taxidermy Association. 

Her clients include museums, art galleries, celebrities, and private collectors, and she genuinely enjoys demystifying taxidermy for newbies through workshops and lectures in a safe, inclusive environment. In her commitment to conservation, she regularly works with various organizations like the Audubon Society, and runs her own nonprofit. All animal parts are legally and sustainably obtained.

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