Little Dame is owned and operated by two BFA graduates who met while working at a coffee shop and created a big idea together. Little Dame was opened in 2015 in North Park, San Diego. The space is curated and shared with many visual artists, mainly female-oriented. You can find artworks and brands developed by artists locally, nationally, and even internationally. This art space is known to have monthly pop-up art exhibitions and artist-led workshops in mediums that range from fabric arts and taxidermy to Art Therapy.

The owners of Little Dame aim to support visual artists and entrepreneurs while curating an alternative shopping experience where you can see your favorite internet artists' work in real life. They hope to cross expose San Diego with the Arts by conducting artist studio visits and interviews to be featured on a blog right here on the website.

KATIE HOWARD is a native San Diegan that stayed in her hometown in hopes to create better opportunities for visual artists. She graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in studio art and continues to work on her artwork. In recent years Katie started instructing art with two local non-profits: Art Reach San Diego and Project Paint where she instructs art in elementary schools as well as in a local prison. Katie continues to create her own art merchandise and carved paintings under the name @katieartworksss. You can find her work at Little Dame and the San Diego Art Institute in Balboa Park.


SIMONE WEINSTEIN is from San Francisco Bay Area and wanted to live in a community that was open to artistic growth. San Diego is not only a beautiful city in California, but is growing in the art/culture community, and felt there was a ton of potential and excitement. Simone graduated from Whittier College with a degree in studio art. Her mediums of choice are taxidermy, illustrations, and sewing. When Simone is not in Little Dame you can find her at a local Pet Cemetery drawing portraits of pets onto urns and or at the San Diego Natural History Museum cleaning and maintaining the loan programs collection. To learn more about her work or to say Hi feel free to come by the shop and or @pixleys.carousel on social media.