Little Dame

Finance Femme Educational Talk: Speaker Hannah Hughes

$ 25

We are honored to host Hannah Hughes for a financial advising talk on the night of August 26th starting at 8:30pm. Hannah started her financial advisory business with the hopes of helping not only women who are responsible for most of the spending in our society, but all people become more financially independent.  

This will be a 90 minute event including a meet and greet, open discussion and presentation given by Hannah. Learn more about how to manage your finances, investing, bill planning, and decreasing your debt. 

We have three ticket packages available:


$25 General admission: We will be offering snacks and wine and beverages for our guests, and all guests will get reading material to take home with them as a take away. 


$50 General admission perks plus a 15minute 1:1 coaching session planned at a later date. 


$75 General Admission perks plus a 30 minute 1:1 coaching session planned at a later date. 


Please come by, grab a class of wine and learn about how we can become more financial wise and stable. 

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