Mermaid Tailoring

Good Luck Garnet and Herkimer Hamsa Necklace

$ 60

In Judaism, the Cohanim were the High Priests of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and they consisted of an entire caste of people. Today, the Cohanim still have some ritual duties but not like they had in ancient days. One of them is the blessing of others through raising up or laying on of hands in the Cohenite Blessing. Justina is the daughter of a Cohen and the granddaughter of a Cohen Priest. She has always given powerful blessings to others. For her, the Hamsa, (which means 5) is an extremely powerful and sacred symbol for cultures like hers that originate in the Middle East. There’s a lot of appropriation of the Hamsa lately since it became fashionable. However, Justina makes them with their original intent: Good Luck and Protection from those that would wish the wearer harm. This Hamsa bears the Protective Eye, made with a rough tumble garnet, bears two sparkling Herkimer Diamonds, and sports an elegantly long chain. This piece was made by Justina Nemoy of Mermaid Tailoring who provided this beautiful description for us. 

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