Little Dame

Lisa The Plant Lady And Little Dame Collaboration Raffle

$ 10

We love Lisa the Plant Lady!! We did a LIVE instagram story with her and it was such a pleasure talking with her! Lisa mounted a BEAUTIFUL Stag Horn plant! Such a beauty and would look lovely in your home! Its friend is a mounted air plant held together by copper wire! Feel free to paint and or collage the mount around the plant piece however your heart desires! 

Stag horn mount: 9” by 6”

air plant mount: 5” by 3”

THEN!! an Original art piece by Co-Owner Katie Carrion! The details to this original piece is beautiful! The narration and the whimsical feel will warm up any home!

piece size: 5 1/2” by 4 1/2”   

For this Raffle, choose above to purchase 1 ticket or 2 tickets or even 3 tickets to enter your name into this raffle prize! Next Thursday at 2pm we will be going live to announce the winner of this beautiful raffle! 

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