Little Dame Lipstick Postcard


Little Dame Lipstick Postcard

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Caitlin is a textile designer and Illustrator living and working in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

Her wearable art garments are a culmination of her love for both dressing and drawing. Caitlin also dabbles in curation, and sews the creations for her online shop.

Caitlin is fond of the exquisite forms found in nature - be it bodily or plant based, and she looks to inspect the world with an intrinsically female eye at all times. 'Caitlin She' is the outlet in which her multidisciplinary skills meet and then meld to create a visual world of their own.

Caitlin's work has appeared in a variety of publications, including Little Thing (China), Oh Comely (UK),  and she is a regular contributor to Frankie magazine.

We love the collaboration!